Meet Aaron Ironside

As a teenager Aaron dreamed of being on the radio. He even went so far as to set an audacious goal – to be on Radio Hauraki’s Morning Pirates. After landing his first on air job not long after his 19th birthday, the ambitious broadcaster rang Radio Haruaki every week for 18 months asking for a job. That tenacity paid-off and at age 23 found himself the youngest anchor to host the famous breakfast show on Radio Hauraki.

Fame and fortune were not all that Aaron had hoped for and after a while he began to dream of new ways to help people. Always a student of the human condition he studied Psychology and started working in his community. Today he works in private practice and at the Port as a welfare officer.

Aaron recently celebrated 20 years of marriage to Debbi and together they have raised three wonderful young adults. Now Debbi has started to study counselling and hopes one day to join Aaron’s counselling practice.
In his free time Aaron loves to master low and slow BBQ whilst enjoying the exploits of the Black Caps in Summer and then turning his attention to the Warriors. He loves a good laugh and even made it to the final of the Raw Comedy Quest as a stand-up comic.

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