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Ep21 – Faith in the Spotlight

Many people of faith feel that the Mainstream Media has an agenda to discredit Christians. Faith is openly disparaged and its adherents are treated with suspicion. Clint Randell is a breakfast radio personality and a committed Christian. Aaron asked him what pressure he faces from both the media and the faith community.

Ep13 – Is Big Data out to get you?

Earlier this year a British man discovered how several online companies were sharing data about him and had profiled him as a risk-taker. Online gambling sites targeted him and ultimately cost him 80 000 pounds. Aaron spoke with futurist and technology expert Paul Spain about how we can protect ourselves from online exploitation.

Ep4 – Do Social Media platforms have too much power?

During the recent US presidential issues many conservative voters abandoned mainstream social media in favour of the more friendly platform Parler. However, Parler was effectively cancelled when Google and Apple removed the platform from their APP stores. Aaron spoke with IT expert Matt Archer about how much power the Social Media giants have and whether …

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