Media Bias? – Teaser

Here’s the teaser to AI Episode 01, where Aaron Ironside speaks with political editor Barry Soper to explore whether the Mainstream Media can still be trusted and how to spot Fake News. 

Stay Tuned for AI

Active Intelligence launch is getting closer by the day … are you ready? Join us, as we explore the major issues and social trends. Feel free to message us with topics you’d like discussed on Active Intelligence. 

Discussing the issues

We’re going to explore a broad collection of issues in upcoming AI episodes – media bias, climate change, drug use, big tech, electric cars … and much more. Feel free to message us with topics you’d like discussed on Active Intelligence. Let’s explore the issues together.

AI Launching

While everyone has been enjoying the Easter holidays, the team at Active Intelligence has been busy finishing the first AI episodes. Episode 01 is complete and ready for release, so stay tuned. Ongoing we will be publishing a new episode weekly – it will be your weekly dose of Active Intelligence.

Meet Aaron Ironside

As a teenager Aaron dreamed of being on the radio. He even went so far as to set an audacious goal – to be on Radio Hauraki’s Morning Pirates. After landing his first on air job not long after his 19th birthday, the ambitious broadcaster rang Radio Haruaki every week for 18 months asking for …

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