Ep28 – Lessons from Home-Schooling in Lockdown

As Auckland continues to experience Level 3 Covid-19 lockdown, parents and children are struggling with the demands of homeschooling. The Education Sector has been incredibly innovative and parents equally tenacious. Patrick Walsh is the principal of John Paul College in Rotorua and offers his report card for Covid Homeschooling.

Ep27 – Does NZ need new Surrogacy Laws?

Every year Kiwis travel overseas to have a baby through foreign Surrogacy programs. Many say this is due to the confusing and complicated regulations around surrogacy and adoption in New Zealand. Jennifer Lahl is the Founder and President at The Center for Bioethics and Culture and she has serious concerns about surrogacy as a practice.

Ep21 – Faith in the Spotlight

Many people of faith feel that the Mainstream Media has an agenda to discredit Christians. Faith is openly disparaged and its adherents are treated with suspicion. Clint Randell is a breakfast radio personality and a committed Christian. Aaron asked him what pressure he faces from both the media and the faith community.

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